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The birth of orchestra@uwaterloo has been possible through the generous support of the Associate Provost of Human Resources and Student Services, the UW Staff Association, and some private donations. Our players pay memberships fees to help cover our operating costs.

In order to sustain orchestra@uwaterloo we seek donations from music lovers and UW supporters. Donations can be made through the online pledge form of UW's Office of Advancement. In the drop down menu, please select Other and then type "orchestra@uwaterloo" in the blank text box.

Alternatively, you may contact:

  Whitney Albright
Senior Development Officer, Family Campaign
Office of Advancement
University of Waterloo, 200 University Ave W. ON N2L 3G1
519-888-4567, ext 37195


We are committed to keeping expenses at a minimum while providing a quality musical experience for our players and our audiences. Your donations will be used wisely and well. Thank you for considering this request.