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Attendance, etc.

If you are new to the orchestra please read the Attendance Policy below.

If you must miss a rehearsal:

Routine notices of absence will not be answered; just assume your note has been read.

Attendance Policy

All of us in orchestra@uwaterloo have obligations that must take priority over orchestra, and everyone gets sick occasionally. On the other hand, when you miss a rehearsal it affects everyone else, and you may miss important musical instructions.

For these reasons we require that:

  1. You do your best to arrange your work load so that you are free for rehearsals
  2. If you must miss a rehearsal, send e-mail to the Personnel Manager using the form above as soon as you know that you will miss the rehearsal.

In case you must quit orchestra, DO NOT just vanish. Do the right thing, and let us know!

For our Fall and Winter seasons, if you miss 3 rehearsals for any reason, you may be asked to play for the conductor to determine your readiness for the concert. If you miss more than 3 rehearsals without explanation and good reason your membership in the orchestra may be terminated.

For shortened Spring seasons, missing more than 1 rehearsal is problematic.

Dress rehearsal

Attendance by everyone is crucial to the success of the performance. You are expected to clear your schedule of all but the most compelling conflicts to make this important commitment.

Use the form below to send email to the Librarian about parts, or to the Webmaster about the web page — choose the recipient from the drop-down menu. You must also provide a message, your name, and the email address you'd like us to reply to.

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